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Welcome to Finley Brothers Cattle Company, where old school values meet next-generation technology and innovation in the world of cattle ranching.

The Finley Bros. story is one of tradition, family, and integrity. Our journey began in the early 1990s as a registered Angus ranch in the Midwest with a strong focus on performance. Over the years, we've evolved and adapted, always striving for excellence in our cattle breeding endeavors. Performance oriented Angus cattle played a pivotal role in the early development of Finley Bros., as we were drawn into the many great attributes of the Angus breed.

In 2021, the decision was made to disperse our Angus cattle and Midwest operations. This was successfully done and a new chapter began.

In 2022, we decided to relocate our operations to the Gulf Coast to focus more on Registered Brahman, Red Angus cattle, and an F1 crossbred commercial cattle herd. Finley Bros. has laid the foundation with our Brahman herd bulls as well as Brahman and Red Angus donors.

Finley Brothers holds a strong commitment to quality cattle, customer service, and to the Gulf Coast commercial cattlemen.

Building On The Best in Brahman

Angus Roots Build Strong Foundations

In 2013, we made a decision to downsize our 350 head of registered Angus cattle, marking a turning point in our ranch's business plan. We shifted our attention towards show cattle, aiming to excel in this competitive arena. To achieve our goals, we formed a partnership with 5K CATTLE Co. Together, we cultivated a herd of over 125 head, featuring some of the Angus & Sim-Angus breed's top show-focused genetics.

A Vision to Produce the Gulf Coast's Most Exceptional Cross

As we began studying the beef industry in our area, we realized that we could blend the breeds we love - Angus, Brahman, and Red Angus - into producing cattle that thrive in the gulf coast region - particularly in the Georgia and Florida area.

As we look ahead, our vision is crystal clear. Our foundation lies in the Brahman and Red Angus F1 cross, a blend of genetics that promises resilience and excellence. These cattle are designed to be outstanding, functional, efficient hybrid cattle that will thrive in the gulf coast area.


Building On The Best in Brahman

Our genetic base for the Brahman component of our operation is deeply rooted in our partnership with BRC Ranch in Texas. This collaboration is the cornerstone of our new direction. We proudly own two globally leading Brahman sires - BRC Aggie 108 - who's semen has sold thousands of units across the world across five different continents. We also own BRC Geronimo's Cadillac 230, the 2023 Calf Champion Bull at Houston, the world's largest single breed exhibition.

The base of the Finley Bros. Brahman cow herd focuses around two exceptional full sisters, BRC Rock Me Mama and and BRC Havana Day Dream. These daughters are direct daughters of BRC 160/8, the #1 sire of the 2023 Houston Livestock Show and 2023 Houston Get of Sire Winner.

Looking to the Future

We are fully committed to becoming more Gulf Coast-centric, and while we embrace this exciting transition, we remain mindful of our past. The legacy of Finley Bros. is essential to us, and we carry forward the same approach that has defined us for years – one of integrity, quality, and dedication.

At Finley Brothers Cattle Company, we are more than just ranchers. We are a family with a rich history in farming and cattle ranching, spanning generations. Our commitment to preserving this tradition is unwavering, and we are excited about the future it holds.


Finley Bros. Cattle Company, LLC
A proud member of the ABBA and the Red Angus Association.

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